Shutter Posters

Shutter Poster

The first poster for Shutter, which you can see above, got some nice notices from some parts. I myself find the idea behind the poster appealing, and the final image does give out a certain creepy vibe. It also connects perfectly with the film’s story, which involves ghostly images appearing in common photographs.

And yet, I ultimately think it’s a bit of a failure, mostly because of some of the details of the execution. The image of the skull/women is too obvious and the actual photos too obscured, which makes the image less effecting than it could be. The poster also ends up having a low budget feel which I don’t think is very flattering.

Also, all the brown? Not very attractive.

Still, I think it’s better than the second poster.

Shutter Poster 2

Well, there are some good things about it. I don’t dislike the red tone, for example. The ghostly imagery is still there, and it’s more subdued now. And look, there is still a camera! So the connection to the film’s story is there.

But since most of the rest of poster is in slight variations of red tones, the most attention grabbing thing about the image ends up Rachael Taylor, shown using a t-shirt and no pants. Certainly the choice to show her in this outfit was motivated by a desire to create a sense of intimacy and comfort, which contrasts with the looming danger represented by the ghastly skull we can make out in the background, thus creating a more overwhelming feeling of dread for her.

Yeah, right.

Lastly, has far has Joshua Jackson fallen? I understand that Pacey was a long time ago, but not getting even a perfunctory name check in the poster? Ouch.

(Via IMPAwards)


2 thoughts on “Shutter Posters”

  1. “From the executive producers of…”

    Why do they even bother putting such a thing on the poster? The executive producer is about as involved in the process of the movie as the guy fetching coffee from Starbucks is…

  2. I think their hope is that people will read it as “From something something THE RING!” The idea is to connect this with those two other movies somehow, no matter if the connection meaningful or not.

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