Final Forbidden Kingdom Poster

Forbidden Kingdom Poster

Ok, so when the first teaser for Forbidden Kingdom came out I was a little upset because it didn’t explore what is probably the main attraction of the movie: the meeting of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Then came the character posters, which I liked a lot more, but since they were character posters the big meeting was also not an element.

So now comes this poster, and finally we have the two together. And it’s… meh.

Yeah, it’s very shiny. I like the cloudy background and the two look good doing their fight stuff. But honestly, I was expecting something more. I wanted fireworks. I wanted something that looked historic. I wanted the world to shake with the explosion of awesome caused by these two monsters occupying the same poster.

Instead we get this, a poster in which Jet Li and Jackie Chan are each doing their own things and don’t even seem aware that the other guy is also there. Underwhelming. Jet Li meeting Jason Statham was more earth shaking.

And the way they are positioned in the poster is a bit weird since it leaves the lower-right corner kind of empty. Makes the poster feel unbalanced. But that is a minor problem with the design.

Add this poster to the trailer and I’m starting to lose whatever hopes I had that this movie would be any good.

(Via IMPAwards)


One thought on “Final Forbidden Kingdom Poster”

  1. I think it’s fantastic. The energy and power of that image really takes my breath away! I think it’s designed to be more epic rather than pure combat because of the mythology and tone of the movie. I love it!

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