Redbelt Poster

Redbelt Poster

So, I read the movie’s announcement, and I didn’t get it. Then I watched the trailer, and I did get it! But now I have been starring at this poster for the past few days, and I don’t get it anymore.

Ok, that is not really true. I still get it. But not because of the poster.

Redbelt is a David Mamet movie, and because of that I expect this to be much more than a movie about guys slugging at each other. And the trailer showed me more. A bit of philosophy. Personal struggles. And that old favorite, greed fueled deception.

But is any of that in the poster? I don’t see it. We have two fighters, one of them apparently already knocked out, against a background that seems to be composed of a bunch of spectators and a big announcement of the title fight. The kind of thing that you could see in a run of the mill movie about fighting.

Now there are also several details that make this not seem like a poster for a run of the mill movie about fighting. Ejiofor, the winner, doesn’t look all proud a cocky due to his win. Instead he looks tired, perhaps even a little afraid. They are not in a ring, but in what seems like a red carpet. And the background is out of focus. But all those things don’t amount to any coherent message. They are just confusing, specially if you haven’t seen the trailer. And they also don’t create a strong, memorable image.

One other weird thing about the poster is that it doesn’t use a tagline. Now, not every poster has to have a tagline. And in fact a look at the taglines for a few upcoming movies will show that many of them are not very good or helpful. But I think that the trailer itself has several interesting phrases that could be turned into fine taglines, and in this case they would help to give a better insight into the movie’s somewhat convoluted plot.

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2 thoughts on “Redbelt Poster”

  1. I totally agree. I had to go find the trailer to get some idea of what this poster meant. Maybe that was by design – create a poster that is so enigmatic that you need to go get more information. But, I doubt it.

    The movie has a complicated concept. Which means that the poster should be very simple, maybe something symbolic: the three marbles, perhaps, or an image of a fighter with the handicap.

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