The First of Many

I almost forgot, but it was one year ago that I made the first post to this very blog. It sure went by quickly.

In the many years I have been doing this Internet thing I have tried many times to create my own sites, but nothing ever lasted. But MPA has been different. Not only have I put more work into this than I ever put in any other site, I’m actually looking forward to putting even more work into it. In fact my main frustration over the last few months has been not having enough time to do all that I wanted to do with MPA.

Anyway, I want to take this moment to say a few thank yous.

First to all the readers. It’s a blessing to have an audience to the stuff I write, and the major reason why I keep doing this.

I also want to thank all the people who actually took the time to leave a comment. Let me assure you that even tough I don’t always respond, I have read and appreciated them all.

Finally I have to thank all the kind people who have linked to MPA. Without you I wouldn’t actually have an audience.

Every site like this is a constant work in progress. I like to think MPA is better now than it was a year ago, and I’m constantly trying to improve things. Hopefully it shows.

And now let get back to the posters.


4 thoughts on “The First of Many”

  1. Gus, thanks for your work on MPA! I absolutely adore this site and it’s one of the highlights of my day reading the post(s) you’ve got in store. Keep it up! 😀

  2. Happy Anniversary! I’ve only discovered your site recently (about a month ago in fact), but you have a full-fleged fan here!

    Thought I’d leave a comment because it’s always nice when someone takes the time to write one! (Can you tell I write a blog too? 😉 )

  3. happy anniversary dude…
    keep on writing those comments…
    i consume your writing on daily dose…

    big fan of yours…

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