One Year of Movie Poster Addict: The Greatest Hits

So, like I said last Saturday was the blogiversary(did I get that right?) of MPA. Inspired by that I decided to use my statistics program to see which were the most viewed posts over this first year. Some of the top posts were obvious, others not so much. In case you share my curiosity, here is the top 10 list, from bottom to top:

10. Juno Poster

The little film that could. People just kept searching for the poster for a really long time. To this day there is still a fair amount of searches for it.

9. International The Dark Knight Poster – Joker Edition

Mostly from Google, mostly after Ledger’s death.

8. And Now, for Something a Little Darker…

100 Tears Poster

Two posters for low profile horror movies, and yet it got a fair amount of attention. Still don’t know why.

7. Men in Tights: Super-Hero Movie Poster Silliness Throughout the Ages

Batman (1966)

What can I say, people just love to see men in tights.

6. Arthur and the Vengeance of Maltazard

Linked by a few sites dedicated to animation. I guess there is a good deal of interest in the film, at least in that particular community.

5. I Am Legend Banners

I Am Legend Banner

You know what people love to see even more than men in tights? Cities from around the world destroyed.

4. 10 Grindhouse Posters

Enter The Dragon Poster

This is the first post that actually got linked to and that received some attention. Really, before this post I had no readers.

It’s an important post in the MPA story because it was an early success that helped me to keep going.

3. The Dark Knight Movie Poster – Why So Serious Edition

Mostly Google and Yahoo. Again, after Ledger’s death, which lead to a great amount of attention being payed to everything related to his portrayal of the Joker.

2. The 2007 Key Art Awards

Running with Scissors Poster

A gallery with the best posters of the year. You have to see THAT.

1. 79 Years of Best Picture Winners in Posters

Casablanca Poster

The right post at the right time, ended up getting links from a bunch of bigger blogs.

And that’s enough looking back. Now let’s see if I can produce some new worthy posts.


One thought on “One Year of Movie Poster Addict: The Greatest Hits”

  1. I adored the 79 Years of Best Picture Winners in Posters post. But my personal favourite is the I am Legend banners. Those were what got me hyped up about seeing the film. Pity the film wasn’t as good as the banner, but that’s another story.

    Mmmm, perhaps you could feature a poster or two from each post under each heading?

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