Compare and Contrast: Get Smart Posters

Get Smart PosterStFinal Get Smart Poster

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My major problem with the first poster for Get Smart was that it covered the movie’s greatest asset: Steve Carrell’s face. Apparently someone in the marketing team thought “Oh Shit, We Can’t do That!” So in the final poster they decided to cover Anne Hathaway’s face instead.

Oh come on.

Look people, you don’t have to cover up anybody’s face. Carrell is funny and Hathaway is beautiful, so show both faces!

If this was done in the service of a great joke I could understand. But this? Oh, the tie is in front of her face, so funny. LOL.

I sure hope the film is more amusing than this.

(Via Rotten Tomatoes)

7 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast: Get Smart Posters”

  1. LOL

    I agree, there is no need to cover up any of the lead actors’ faces. Personally, I’m not really impressed with the poster. Hopefully, the movie will be better.

  2. I disagree and agree.

    I quite like the first poster. It’s funny to me and we all know it’s Carrell so I actually like the fact that the marketing department took a chance. It also tells us a little something about the nature of the movie (that Carrell’s character is a kind of bumbling).

    The second one however…. bleh.

  3. The point of the posters is to establish the relationship between the characters in a fun way.

    The teaser is good on its own.
    The follow-up is OK on its own, but works better if you’ve seen the teaser.

  4. i disagree also, the first poster is a teaser poster – point being, not to give away much. so, covering steve’s face, yet showing enough that you still know its him, and having a subtle little joke thrown in there works perfectly . i think its a great poster, and it captures the style of “get smart”. the second one is a cute follow up of the teaser, but on its own i dont know if it works as well.

  5. I think the first poster is the greatest because it is funny and Carell’s character is kind of clueless about being a secret agent. The second one does not describe what the two characters are like. The second one is definately the worst poster of all.

  6. what’s sad is it’s so painfully clear looking at the two posters together – although everyone pretty much already knows this – how heavily manipulated the posters are. the faces are the same in each as are the clothes, but the hair/tie gag is changed. it makes me think of the big hullabaloo when the “legal eagles” poster came out and everyone went apeshit that the stars were shot separately and composed into one image. oh how times change.

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