Standard Operating Procedure Posters

Standard Operating Procedure Poster

And here are two posters for the new movie from legendary documentarian Errol Morris, which deals with the Abu Ghraib incidents.

I really like the first poster, which creates a memorable and easily understandable image. Simple but powerful. We don’t actually need to see the photos to be reminded of them. And in fact just hinting at them using the camera is probably more effective and ominous than just showing the actual pictures, and it helps to make the film seem like it is more than just about the photos, but also about what surrounds them.

Which is perhaps why I like the second poster a lot less. It’s a more obvious way to present the movie. These are not the most shocking images we saw, but they more directly remind us of those photos that most of us are well aware of. But because of that I think it doesn’t really make the movie seem interesting. By relaying on the power of the photos the poster fails to make the case for the movie being more than a rehash of stuff we already know. Is there going to be some new insight in this are is it just going to be a cheap exploitation of the incident? And the tagline fails to assuage any of those fears.

I guess one out of two isn’t bad. And this is a tough subject to tackle, especially in a poster.

(Thanks to Kurt from Row Three for passing those along.)

Standard Operating Procedure Poster


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