Iron Man and Audi: A Match made in Heaven?

Iron Man Audi Poster

Why sell one thing when you can sell two? I mean, if you are going to do a poster about a film staring a big piece of metal it’s only common sense to take the opportunity to sell a big piece of metal that you can own yourself!

More seriously, although I guess this type of poster is kind of tacky, it bothers me much less than spending precious movie frames making sure that people get a good look at that special logo. What does bother me tough is how dull the meeting of Iron Man and Audi is. They are both occupying the same poster, but there is no interaction! And Iron Man looks huge next to the car. Either that or this is the super-duper compact model.

Now if we saw Iron Man ripping through the skies, but with the Audi managing to keep close by burning some serious rubber that might have been a cool image. I could get behind that. As it is the poster begs us to somehow think that the Audi is cool because it’s standing next to Iron Man. Not working dudes.

(From, via reader Casty the Clown)


5 thoughts on “Iron Man and Audi: A Match made in Heaven?”

  1. Yeah, pretty much a mess. Stark/Iron Man’s interaction with the car is ambiguous – does he have a leg up on the rear fender, like a booth babe at a car show? And isn’t that damaging the bodywork?

    What I hate most is the main type, really cheezily rendered chrome letters that are kinda hard to read. And that headline – man and machine I’ll buy, but what is the mission? Saving the world? Looking cool? Going really really fast? Being shiny?

  2. Your hatred of cheesly rendered chrome letters just proves you are not cool enough to understand the ONE MISSION Andrew.

    Nice to see you around again, by the way.

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