Tropic Thunder Character Posters

Tropic Thunder Poster

As I understand it, the story of Tropic Thunder goes like this: several actors get together to film a war movie. Director gets mad at the actors and decides to drop them in an actual war. Actors have to sort of become the characters they are portraying in order to survive.

And so we have the first character posters for Tropic Thunder. Only they don’t seem so much character posters for the movie as they seem like character posters for the movie within the movie. Which is consistent with the first trailer and with the “they have to become the characters” part of the movie’s story. Of course the posters (and the first trailer) are cheesy and ridiculous enough to make it obvious that this isn’t really the advertisement for a serious war movie. I think.

It’s sort of an intriguing way to sell the film, but it’s also all very meta. Are these the characters for the film, the characters for the film within the film or the characters for the film as mutated to become the character for the film within the film? Perhaps the best way to take this is to consider it advertisement for a parody of a war movie (which it sort of is) and forget about the rest.

(Via IMPAwards)

Tropic Thunder Poster Robert Downey Jr.Tropic Thunder Poster Jack Black


4 thoughts on “Tropic Thunder Character Posters”

  1. So, essentially the story of the film is a slight twist of the old Three Amigos-classic?

    None the less, I’m looking forward to seeing Downey Jr playing a black man. That might be funny.

  2. i dont think theres any way in hell these would be mistaken as movie posters for a real war movie. its starring 2 comedians, a white guy who’s supposed to be black, each with a ridiculous expression and at the top of each over the top poster is the name of the actor as if they were a well established action movie star. its very “meta” for a reason, its a movie inside a movie….hence, the movie posters are a movie poster inside a movie poster…

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