The Spirit Outdoor Posters

The Spirit PosterThe Spirit PosterThe Spirit Poster
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Over the last few years we had two films, Sin City and 300, sold largely on some stunning imagery which was deeply based on the works of Frank Miller. Both marketing efforts were a success (300 much more so, but still) so I think there was never any question that the posters for Spirit, directed by the man himself, would also showcase Miller’s recognizable style. But I did wonder how close they would be to what we had seen for Sin City and 300 and whether it would feel slightly tired after those films.

Well, if these posters are any indication the artwork will be much closer to Frank Miller’s work than we have seen before. It really does look a lot like a Miller illustration, perhaps it even is one. And because of that it does seem like there isn’t much of a chance of the campaign looking like anything that came before.

On the other hand, the images that these posters create are much more subdued then the images for Sin City or 300. Both because of what is being shown, mostly shadows with just a silhouette of The Spirit, and because it looks like an illustration (is an illustration? I can’t tell for sure). A big part of the wow factor in the Sin City and 300 posters was seeing those strong cartoonish images transformed into a live action shot. These posters don’t have that.

Now, I always enjoyed Miller’s work. And I like these posters just fine the way they are. They set a dark mood and introduce the Spirit as a mysterious but intriguing figure. I even find the interaction between the three posters clever, even tough the last one mostly works fine on its own.

But I did expect to see some more striking imagery, something that could carry the film, from a marketing stand point, on it’s own by essentially saying “you have to see this.” The Spirit isn’t exactly a well known character nowadays, so I thought they would be using the visuals to make the movie relevant to today’s audiences. But apparently the sell will be much more character and mood heavy than I expected.

Which is great, if it works.

I’m very curious to see what the trailer for this will look like.

(Via SuperHeroHype)

6 thoughts on “The Spirit Outdoor Posters”

  1. Before i can take any of your critiquing seriously, tell me this:

    What is YOUR design background?
    Do you have a portfolio i can critique?
    Did you go to school for design?

    i think the majority of your readers are just as curious as I am 🙂

    You make strong statements about these designs…people sit at there desks for weeks to create these posters…only for you to dissect them in a few sentences with your “professional” viewpoint.

    why not tell us a bit about the person writing, other than:

    “a longtime movie addict. Ahmmm, do I need to say more?”

    Ahmmm yes you DO need say more.

    Ryan K

  2. Teaser Poster: Teaser posters are early promotional film poster, containing a BASIC IMAGE OR DESIGN WITHOUT REVEALING TOO MUCH INFORMATION such as the plot, theme, and characters. The purpose is to incite awareness and generate hype for the film.

  3. I disagree Ryan,

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions and from what I’ve read Gus is quite capable of looking at posters and is able to let us know how he feels about them.

    Over on I and others review movies and talk about movies yet none of us have film degrees or ever made a movie.

  4. Ryan, I come here everyday (more than once a day, actually), specifically to read Gus’ thoughts on posters. Yes, the fact that he’s a film buff who gives his time to talk about movie posters is enough for me.

  5. I haven’t checked in here for a while since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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