You Don't Mess With The Zohan Poster

You Don’t Mess With the Zohan Poster 2

This poster is obviously designed to show us just how much of a bad ass The Zohan really is. Sure, he is a hairdresser now, he is also wearing shorts and holding a couple of hair blowers. But is he on the ground starring up at some dude’s crotch? No, he is not. YOU are on the ground starring up at some dude’s crotch. The Zohan was Mossad yo, don’t mess with him.

Or maybe we are just supposed to think “Hey, it’s Adam Sandler in a weird outfit and I’m looking at his junk. Funny.” I’m sure it’s one of the two.

Either way, I’ve outlined my basic misgivings about Zohan’s marketability back when the first poster came out, and I don’t think the second addresses them. Sandler is generally not a big box office drawn when playing a quirky character. Pretty much all his sucess comes from playing the same everyday guy dealing with amazing circumstances. And the humor I have seen so far is pretty sophomoric. Perhaps enough for a small hit, but doesn’t seem to have a broad enough appeal to bring the kind of numbers Sandler is used to.

Than again much of Sandler’s success has left me dumbfounded in the past. I like to think I learned and understand now, but perhaps I just don’t get it.

(Via WorstPreviews)


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