The Incredible Hulk Poster

The Incredible Hulk Poster

And just because I said nothing new was happening, IGN brings us a poster for The Hulk.

Over at Slashfilm Hunter Stephenson says that he likes the poster but thinks it is not good enough considering that this is the second go around for The Hulk. I think I’m less positive about the poster than he is, but the basic point strikes me as right.

Before Ang Lee’s film there was a lot of excitement about seeing The Hulk in the big screen. And even tough the infamous Super Bowl spot made a lot of people skittish, the movie still opened to a very healthy $62 million.

And then it dropped fast.

The excitement that was there the first time isn’t there anymore. Add to that the somewhat weird concept of a reboot so close to the last one, a summer that is filled with much more high profile pics and the lack of a big star (sorry Ed) and you have a marketing problem in your hands.

I like the concept of the poster. Bruce Banner, the man, with the Hulk and all the destruction that he causes looming behind him. It’s a nice way to remind us that the character is deeper and more interesting than simply a green thing that smashes. There really is a man in there. And although stunning FX is important, it’s still the characters that really turn a movie into a blockbuster. Yes, even a comic book movie.

The execution leaves a little to be desired. To be fair, a big part of the problem is that The Hulk still doesn’t look right, and that is not the fault of the people that worked on the poster. But there are other issues. For example, the difference in size between Norton and Hulk looks weird, and the city in the background looks fake.

But the bigger problem is that the poster lacks a wow element that can make people forget about the last Hulk and get excited about this new version of the character. In the trailer the main selling point seemed to be the battle against the Abomination. Perhaps they could try to work that in a poster, although, to be honest, it failed to impress me in the trailer.


References, references.

In comments Jonas points out the similarity between this poster and a certain famous Spider-Man cover.

8 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk Poster”

  1. Curious that they’ve rebooted the franchise, they’re never hesitant to remind us, in order to add all of the action and Hulk Smash! that Ang Lee’s film lacked – yet here they are with a piece of marketing singularly lacking in any action.

    Oh, goody – it’s yet another angsty, moody action hero. Maybe Spider-Man will show up and they can share a good cry together.

  2. Ah well, Edward Norton alone is enough to make me want to go and see the movie, even though I’m not a fan of any of these comic book movies. I like the sorta pensive expression on Ed’s face…so well.

  3. >>The other thing it seems to be harking back to is the old 70s TV series. It must be all that denim.

    I noticed that too, but since I couldn’t find any photo from the series that showed the resemblance I ended up thinking I might be wrong about it. I guess I wasn’t.

  4. Haven’t seen the film, but Edward Norton might be able to create a deeper, multidimensional, character, which will make it more palatable for grown-ups. And perhaps this time they will manage to make a Hulk that does not look like it was obviously computer generated. I don’t have a problem with Hulk size vis-a-vis Norton’s in the poster. It is clearly supposed to be a superimposition (but then it’s just me).
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