The Spider Movie Poster

The Spider Movie Poster (Big)

Not that many interesting new posters coming out these days, so let me take a moment to highlight a posters for smaller film that I have been meaning to talk about for a while.

Here is a pretty amusing poster for Rober Sigl’s The Spider, depicting that ages old Turkish problem, half human/half-spider monsters.

Now, I have no idea what The Spider is about exactly, not even if it’s a period piece. The style of the illustration suggests something a little antique. The content of the illustration mostly suggests weird. But there is no doubt that it’s different, utterly attention grabbing, memorable and intriguing.

Obviously this is not a poster that is going to appeal to everybody. Todd over at Twitch loved it. Kurt from Row Three, who told me about the poster in an e-mail, felt the same. I’m basically mesmerized by it. But outside of us, and people with tastes like us (a not so large group, I’m afraid) are there going to be a lot of people who will think “yeah, this seems like something I want to see”? Perhaps not. And like Todd says this isn’t exactly something you can just put anywhere due to it’s explicit nature.

But there is something to be said for making a big impression on a smaller number of people instead of trying to generate a moderate impression on everybody. Now the film has a core of supporters truly interested in it. And perhaps if it comes to the conclusion that this core isn’t enough it can come up of something with broader appeal later on.


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