NY Comic Con Hellboy 2 Poster

NY Comic Con Hellboy 2 Poster

So, first things first. This poster for Hellboy, drawn by the legendary Drew Struzan, was made exclusively for the New York Comic Con. So it’s a “for the geeks only” kind of thing, and the final poster is probably going to be very different. Which is too bad, because this is pretty great and I think something like it could have worked fine with a broader audience.

It’s not, however, an unusual thing. Special posters are done for these types of events all the time. Struzan himself illustrated a poster for The Mist that was used to promote the film during last year’s Comic Con.

Going back to the poster itself, what I find great about it, besides the always amazing Drew Struzan artwork, is that it has an epic adventure feel that I think is often missing from the Hellboy marketing and, to be fair, was missing from the first movie as well. Now, I actually liked Hellboy, but it was as smaller and more intimate super-hero movie. Which is fine, but not likely to sell a ton of tickets, unless you are dealing with something as pre-sold as X-Men.

I get the feeling that now that they introduced the characters in the first movie they are going to go with something bigger in the second film. But that hasn’t always come across well in what we have see from the movie so far. But it does in this poster. It makes the film seem exciting in a way that nothing else I have seen for it so far did.

(Via CHUD)


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