The Strangers Poster

New The Strangers Poster

And here is more proof that subtle can work very well in horror advertisement.

There are two reasons why I like this poster. The first reason is simply how creepy it is. A normal room with Liv Tyler in the middle, looking a little worried but apparently not sure why. And then him, in the corner, in the darkness, waiting. The juxtaposition between the warm, safe room and the menacing stranger is just so unsettling, and taps into the fear that so many of us have in the back of our heads that the sanctity of our home could be broken and we might not even realize it. Until it is too late that is.

The second reason is that it does a terrific job of saying what the movie is about. Strangers invade a home, causing trouble. Simple. Clear.

Now compare this to the last poster we had seen for The Strangers. Although that poster had some interesting visual details, all it told us was that the film involved a woman going through hell. The new poster makes this a much more specific story, clearly separating this film from things like SAW and Hostel. And yes, making it look more like Funny Games, but in a way that makes The Strangers seem more accessible than that movie.

Not a brilliant poster, but I think it is a pretty good one.


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