Even More Batman

The Dark Knight Poster

Yes, that’s right, more posters for The Dark Knight. Too much? Perhaps, but at least it’s too much of a good thing.

The first new poster can be seen above, and it showcases Batman in his Batcycle. Like the poster from last week the idea seems to be to show that the movie has lots of action and that Batman is a badass in it. It’s nice, but not as iconic or rich with subtext as the last poster was.

The Dark Knight PosterThe Dark Knight PosterThe Dark Knight Poster

The other new posters are much more interesting. They each feature one of the three main characters of the film holding his symbol of choice, which covers about half of the character’s face.

If the face covering happened just on the poster for Harvey Dent it would be an obvious allusion to his transformation into Two-Face. But having the other characters cover part of their faces too makes things a little more complicated, and a little more intriguing too. Are the posters trying to tell us that all of them have more than one face? That they all have some part of them that is hidden? Maybe. Maybe this is just a way to say that Two-Face is an important character. Maybe they just felt it would make for a cool effect when you saw all the three together.

Either way, it works. Like so many of the posters from this film they use the iconic characters o create iconic images, but it also give us something to chew on, slowly deepening or understanding of the characters and the story, without ever telling too much.

Brilliant. Like I said, perhaps too much brilliance. At some point you find hard to care about yet another new poster no matter how cool it is. But that doesn’t make any individual poster any less amazing.

(Via Omelete)

The Dark Knight Poster


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