New Sex and the City Movie Posters

Sex and the City Poster

These two new Sex and the City posters are mostly unremarkable. Carrie walking the streets of NY, looking stylish. Probably gets at part of the core appeal of the franchise, but seems less effective, and a lot less visually appealing, than the first teaser poster.

But what I do find interesting is that once again the posters only feature Sarah Jessica Parker. Now, I’m neither the target audience for the film nor the biggest fan of the series, but I always believed that the friendship between the four main characters, and their different perspectives on life, were a huge part of the show’s appeal. It never felt like show that starred SJP and co-starred the other three.

So when the first teaser came out I thought it was understandable that they were using SJP, since she is the best known name in the cast and the only one that has made some sort of successful transition to movies. But I thought that the initial poster would be quickly followed by others featuring the other cast members and maybe even something with all of them, hitting the point that this isn’t just another SJP movie, it’s the reunion of Sex and the City. But so far it hasn’t happened, the poster campaign has only focused on Parker. And the movie opens May 30, not a lot of time left.

I wonder what is the thinking behind this decision.

Sex and the City Poster

(Via CinemaBlend)

2 thoughts on “New Sex and the City Movie Posters”

  1. “It never felt like show that starred SJP and co-starred the other three”

    SJP was always the undisputed star, it’s just that, with the movie, it seems like she’s the more pronounced star. It is a bit weird that they’re handling it as though the others will be also-rans in the movie. I’ll bet the ladies are pissed…

  2. oh please SJP the ‘undisputed star’? there are many who WOULD and DO dispute that. she’s boring and over-rated, and way over-paid too. the ‘supporting cast’ does wasy more than support her, and they deserve the pay raise they got, even if SJP was able to spin it so that KC looked bad, and the other two stayed quiet but benefitted huge.

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