Dance of the Dead Poster

Dance of the Dead Poster

Ok, now this is haunting. This poster gets at the core of why Dance of the Dead is such a scary flick as it shows the poor teenagers nervously hiding from the evil critics’ quotes that are trying to stomp them to death. And I just don’t think they are going to make it.

Smaller films often feel the need to plaster their posters with critics’ quotes. Since they lack known stars or the money for a big marketing push this is one of the few ways that they can convince people to trust that the film won’t be a waste of their time. I understand that, so I don’t begrudge this practice, even tough it generally pollutes the image. But this seems like going too far.

The first poster for Dance of the Dead, which was unencumbered by quotes, was able to both give us a better look at the story and to convey the film’s humor.

Dance of the Dead Poster

Much better.

And for no particular reason, besides a passing resemblance in themes, here is the poster for Splatter Disco.

Splatter Disco Poster

(Via IMPAwards)

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