Germany Gets Me

German Sex and the City Poster

This German poster is basically just like the two last posters, but it features all the Sex and the City women.

As it’s been pointed out to me, Carrie is indeed the main star of the show. But honestly, for me it would be nothing without the others. So I like this poster a lot more, even if it’s the design isn’t particularly inspiring.


This post feels too light. In order to make up for that let me point you people to Glenn’s much more in depth (and quite funny) review of the poster.

(Via PosterGeek, thanks to Casty the Clown for helping me to find it)

2 thoughts on “Germany Gets Me”

  1. Is there something wrong with Kim Cattrall’s head in this poster? Could just be me but looks like her image was just pasted onto someone’s body. For that matter most of the gals are looking a little on the goofy side…

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