Spicing Up the Poster: The Wackness

The Wackness Poster 1The Wackness Poster 2
(click for larger versions)

I almost wrote a post about the first poster for The Wackness, but ended up deciding against it. My feeling was that there were some interesting things about it, but in the end the poster setting was just a little too dull in way that seemed contradictory with the colorful energy of the title and with the off-beat nature of the characters depicted.

Apparently someone else thought the same, because we now have a new poster for The Wackness that is clearly more wacky (I’m sorry, but I just had too). It uses the exact same shot of the characters, but places them against multicolored renditions of a few New York landmarks. And for some reasons they are walking in a road, instead of walking in the city’s streets. Which is actually kind of odd.

I think no one would deny that the second poster does a much better job of getting attention, but is it actually better? Probably, but there are still lots of things about it that bother me. I guess I can sum them up by saying that the poster strikes me as trying too hard. And the comparison between the two made me appreciate more how real the setting of the first poster felt, in that boring way real things often feel.

I guess there is just no pleasing me in this case.

(Via IMPA)


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