France Gets Me Best

French Sex and the City Poster

Let’s get this out of the way first. Yes, it’s purple. A very, very bright purple. Surely that is not for everybody.

And yet I think it’s probably the best poster I have seen for Sex and the City. It’s essentially a re-edition of the first teaser poster, but with all the women and not just SJP. Which is not great for a likely final poster, but is still fine.

The image is flashy, catchy and glamorous, for a certain definition of glamorous. The ladies are are kind of small in the pic, but at least they don’t look awful. Very purple, but not awful. And big, bright shiny lights might be a bit cheesy, but at least they make this seem like an event. Like something too big for a small screen. Which is basically what is needed in order to make the final sell that this is important enough to see in the theaters.

And yes, most of these things were already true of the first poster, so we haven’t exactly come a long way. But the addition of the rest of the ladies does make it sensibly better, and after the last few posters I’m ready to settle for this.

By the way, interesting that this is the second international poster the features the four main characters, while the domestic posters focused on SJP, isn’t it?

(Thanks to Casty the Clown for sending this over)

14 thoughts on “France Gets Me Best”

  1. Why is it when the words get smaller (like “City” compared to “Sex”) that the lightbulbs making up the letters get smaller too? (yes, i’m being sarcastic) it’s a small thing, but it bugs me (not as much as the purple – and not as much as the use of open single quotes in place of apostrophes – “shoot ’em up,” i’m talking to you.

  2. the problem with the purple is it’s all the same shade. if there were variations in their clothes, they’d be okay. now they look like bridesmaids at Prince’s wedding.

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