City of Ember Poster

City of Ember Poster

I find the experience of seeing a poster for a film I know nothing about very interesting. It doesn’t happen very often, which is too bad, because it’s nice to see a poster like someone who is not as aware of movie news might see it. It also allows me to experience the poster purely for the poster, without all the baggage that comes from knowing the story, the cast, the director, etc.

All that is a long way of saying that I hadn’t heard of City of Ember before I saw this poster. And now that I have seen it … I still know nothing about City of Ember. And I’m in no rush to find anything more about it.

As a matter of fact, if I hadn’t decided to write this post I probably wouldn’t have looked Ember’s story up. Now that I know that the movie is set on an underground city that seems doomed since the huge generator that provides its lights is failing I think I understand the poster a little better. A little.

I know that this is an early teaser poster. But still, unless we are talking about a huge property even teaser posters should tell something about the movie. Not much, but enough to get people interested. And they definitely should try to have a striking image or two that people can connect to. This poster has none of that.

And it’s also very brown, which is turning out to be my least favorite poster color.

(Via Cinematical)


2 thoughts on “City of Ember Poster”

  1. I’ll offer a dissent here and say that I like the art on this one. It’s sparkly and shiny and scratchy metallic. Also, I have no problem with brown.

    I will agree with you, however, that the teaser isn’t doing much teasing, or offering a glimmer (get it!) of the plot.

  2. this poster didn’t say anything…couldn’t be more agree with you…
    th tittle of this movie tickle me a bit, cause “ember” in indonesian language means “water bucket”.
    so the image of a city built from water bucket came cross my mind!

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