Look, Pandas!

Kung Fu Panda Poster

This poster isn’t very different from the very first teaser for Kung Fu Panda. It just adds the character of the master and places a mean looking tiger in the background.

And that is actually quite fine. I think they hit pretty much all the points they needed to hit with the first poster, so why try to come with something really different? The addition of other characters makes the poster seem more like a final poster, which is a very slight improvement, but the general visual brand remains intact, as it should.

Yeasterday IESB had three other posters which showcase more characters. I don’t think they are quite as good, but they do keep many of the same aspects seen in the poster above. Cute animals fighting Kung Fu. A vaguely Asian setting. And the Panda front and center. Perhaps not consistent with the visuals, but quite consistent in the approach.

(Thanks to Casty the Clown for the Korean Version)

Kung Fu Panda PosterKung Fu Panda PosterKung Fu Panda Poster

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