Indy IV Warm Up : Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Amsel

In anticipation of the release of Crystal Skull I have been spending some time lately looking at some of the great posters that were done for the previous Indy films. I had so much fun doing it I imagined you guys might appreciate some posting (and in many cases reposting) of images from these beautiful works of art.

First up are two posters from Raiders of the Lost Ark, both created by Richard Amsel.

Amsel was yet another brilliant artist that died way too soon, at the young age of 37. But that was enough time for him to create some of the most memorable images of the latter part of the last century, including classic posters for The Sting, McCabe & Mrs. Miller and, of course, the above poster for Raiders.

Although there have been many great posters for the series, I still think that this one is the best. It throughly encapsulates the magic of Indiana Jones, it’s mix of modern and old, it’s wealth of amazing places, things and characters, and it’s sheer fun.

It is certainly on of the best posters ever created.

It was however, not the first poster for Indiana. Although it is nowadays the most recognizable poster for that film it is actually the poster for the 1982 re-release. The poster for the original release was also drawn by Amsel and you can see it below.

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Amsel

Not quite as amazing, but still brilliant. And possessing of the kind of artistry that is rarely allowed in modern posters.

As a bonus, here is Drew Struzan, who has done posters for all four Indys. In the case of Raiders it was an international, and not very well known poster.

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Struzan


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