Indy IV Warm Up : The Last Crusade

The Last Crusade Poster

When it came to The Last Crusade poster campaign the people at Lucasfilm, and I imagine Lucas and Spielberg themselves are the people in this case, decided to turn the reins to Drew Struzan. Well, not completely, after all anything he done still had to be approved and he was working from some instructions, but he was the illustrator in all the main posters. That seems fitting, after all Struzan had been illustrating Indy for several mediums for years at that point, and had produced a great poster for Temple of Doom.

The result of Struzan’s effort on for this film were the above teaser poster, which is beautiful but doesn’t really get the “Indy is Back” excitement as well as the poster for Temple, and, more importantly, the poster below.

The Last Crusade Poster

The montage fits well with Amsel’s great re-release poster for Raiders and with Struzan’s own poster for Temple of Doom. The same style of montage would also end up being used in Drew’s poster for Crystal Skull. But if you ask me this the best Struzan montage poster for Indy, perfectly balancing all the amazing things it wants to show in the space it has. Brilliant.

In the end I still think the Amsel’s poster was better, and captured Indy more completely, but we are arguing between great and even greater now.

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