Choke Poster

Choke Poster (Big)

Choke is not meant to be a big film. If it becomes a cult flick like Fight Club I’m sure the people involved with making it would be simply ecstatic. So the goal of the poster isn’t to appeal to a broad audience, but to really fire up a small but possibly loyal core group of people.

And considering that, and considering the contents of Chuck Palahniuk works, I find myself wondering if this poster isn’t a little too tame. In many way it’s a great image. A man choking on a woman, done in black and pink, a style that gives the poster an unique visual style an compliments the surreal choice of imagery.

An yet, the style takes the edge off. It makes the image seem tame, arty and detached. And so it lacks a true emotional punch to the gut I would have liked to see.

But perhaps I’m being too demanding here. the qualities of the poster are obvious and I probably should be happy with them.

And yet, I keep wanting a little more.

(Via IMPAwards)

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