Star Wars Posters: Still Good After All These Years

Matt Busch Star Wars

The poster you see above was created by artist Matt Busch in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Return of the Jedi. It completes a cycle of commemorative posters featuring the villains of each movie from the original trilogy.

The idea of a poster featuring just the villains is in itself cool. And Matt’s distinctive artwork is pretty great. But what really makes this awesome is that it keep the overall style that made the Star Wars posters so good: epic illustrated montage piece featuring a lot of the wonderful cast and the amazing places that appear in the films. It fits right in with the classic posters, and like those it both complements the films by giving them yet another kick ass image and is complemented by the warm feeling we have about the movies.

I often feel irritated that more posters for new films aren’t as good as the Star Wars posters. But to be fair, a lot of the greatness of those is associated with the greatness of the films. The vast majority of movies just don’t give the artists this much to work with.

The limited edition poster may or may not still be available when you read this. All of the proceeds will go to the National Lymphoma Society.

(Found via Slashfilm)

Matt Busch Star Wars

One thought on “Star Wars Posters: Still Good After All These Years”

  1. Hate to be glass half empty but those feathered circles at the bottom are unsightly and reduce these posters to the level of throw away trash. It’s a baffling design decision considering how much care was put into the actual illustrations.

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