A Title

Batman Banner 1

These new banners for The Dark Knight present me with a conundrum.

On one hand, I really don’t have anything more left to say about them. For a moment I thought about mentioning that as we get closer to the actual release of the film the posters are getting more action packed and chaotic, but then I remembered I already said something like that. I could talk about how the Batbike is getting prominent placement in some of these posters, but even I don’t actually think that means much of anything.

On the other hand, it’s not like I could possibly not post them.

(From Omelete, found with the help of Casty the Clown).

Batman Banner 2


One thought on “A Title”

  1. I think I’m beginning to suffer from Dark Knight fatigue. I was so amped to see this movie a couple months ago. Now, because I’ve been seeing so much of it via posters, trailers, action figures, and the like, I feel like I’ve already seen it. It’s lost the mystique for me.

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