Spicing Up the Poster: Meet Dave

Meet Dave PosterMeet Dave Poster

The second poster for Meet Dave keeps the same theme of people inhabiting robo-murphy, and the same wide and stupid grin. But now we get to see more of Murphy’s body and we have some nice trees in the background.

Honestly, it does make the poster easier on the eyes. Not having so much of Murphy’s silly grin is a huge improvement. And the new scenery saves us from the white suit against a white background horror of the first poster.

But why a park? And why is Murphy hovering just above it? Seems so random.

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City of Ember Poster

City of Ember Poster

I find the experience of seeing a poster for a film I know nothing about very interesting. It doesn’t happen very often, which is too bad, because it’s nice to see a poster like someone who is not as aware of movie news might see it. It also allows me to experience the poster purely for the poster, without all the baggage that comes from knowing the story, the cast, the director, etc.

All that is a long way of saying that I hadn’t heard of City of Ember before I saw this poster. And now that I have seen it … I still know nothing about City of Ember. And I’m in no rush to find anything more about it.

As a matter of fact, if I hadn’t decided to write this post I probably wouldn’t have looked Ember’s story up. Now that I know that the movie is set on an underground city that seems doomed since the huge generator that provides its lights is failing I think I understand the poster a little better. A little.

I know that this is an early teaser poster. But still, unless we are talking about a huge property even teaser posters should tell something about the movie. Not much, but enough to get people interested. And they definitely should try to have a striking image or two that people can connect to. This poster has none of that.

And it’s also very brown, which is turning out to be my least favorite poster color.

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France Gets Me Best

French Sex and the City Poster

Let’s get this out of the way first. Yes, it’s purple. A very, very bright purple. Surely that is not for everybody.

And yet I think it’s probably the best poster I have seen for Sex and the City. It’s essentially a re-edition of the first teaser poster, but with all the women and not just SJP. Which is not great for a likely final poster, but is still fine.

The image is flashy, catchy and glamorous, for a certain definition of glamorous. The ladies are are kind of small in the pic, but at least they don’t look awful. Very purple, but not awful. And big, bright shiny lights might be a bit cheesy, but at least they make this seem like an event. Like something too big for a small screen. Which is basically what is needed in order to make the final sell that this is important enough to see in the theaters.

And yes, most of these things were already true of the first poster, so we haven’t exactly come a long way. But the addition of the rest of the ladies does make it sensibly better, and after the last few posters I’m ready to settle for this.

By the way, interesting that this is the second international poster the features the four main characters, while the domestic posters focused on SJP, isn’t it?

(Thanks to Casty the Clown for sending this over)

Bangkok Dangerous Poster

Bangkok Dangerous Poster

Now this is what I’m talking about. This poster sets Bangkok Dangerous as a kick ass action film in a way we have rarely seen. I mean look at Cage, reaching for the gun he keeps on his shoulder with one hand and using his magic right hand to reach through his jacket. Or something. Not too sure what is going in there.

Also take a good look at the bullet holes at the right corner of the poster that show, much to our surprise, that Nic is behind some sort of bullet proof glass. Ha, those bad guys don’t know what is coming. They can’t reach him, but he will have no trouble using his amazing hand to reach their necks on the other side.

The only problem is that it seems like there is a big fire brewing in his side of the glass. That might be dangerous. Hell, it might even be Bangkok Dangerous.

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Taiwanese Juno Poster

Taiwanese Juno Poster

What kills me about this poster is the combination of the green and yellow arrows pointing towards Juno with some sort of question. Now, I have no idea of what the question actually is, but can’t you just imagine some over excited announcer pointing and saying “She has a baby, in her belly!?”

I do wonder what it actually says.

The second thing that really caught my attention was the Roger Ebert quote. I had no idea he was big in Asia.

As for the rest of the poster, I’m torn. It’s quirky to the max, but it’s also pretty attention catching and memorable, and it is true to some aspects of the movie. It’s also as close to a parody of Juno as you’re ever going to find in an official piece of marketing for the film. I mean, look at her pose! And the damn phone. She is in the middle of the street!

I’m not sure how good this is as a piece of marketing. But I kind of love it for all its weirdness.

(Thanks to Casty the Clown for sending this over)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Poster

It’s just odd to think that there is a Star Wars movie coming to theaters this year. Star Wars movies are supposed to be huge deals. Events that everyone talks about and discusses for ages. They are not supposed to be some weird hybrid TV show/movie/marketing ploy thing

And Star Wars posters? They are supposed to be epic Drew Struzan affairs that take your breath away as you stand there starring at all the amazing things that will happen in the movie.

Sure, the second trilogy made both of these points much less true then they used to be. But still, this feels like a brutal step down. It simply feels wrong. Not up to the standards. Weird.

So basically, I’m just not feeling it.

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Polish X-Files Poster

Polish X-Files Poster

And yet another poster with a weird looking head. Seems there are a lot of those this days.

As for the rest of the poster, I think like the spirit of it. It seems like it tries to move on from relying solely on brand recognition and tries to turn X-Files 2 into something that can stand on its own as an exciting event. But it doesn’t abandon the brand. It’s there. It’s obvious. It’s just not overwhelming.

But I also think that the spirit is a lot better than the actual design and execution. Snow, some helicopters in the back, something that seems like a small army. The point is to say that something big is happening, but the way those things are arranged doesn’t make it feel big. And we still have no idea of what is happening exactly, which just might be okay for right now, but is something that I think is going to have to change in the forthcoming posters.

So, again, why should I be excited about another X-Files, so many years after the last one? Hopefully the next poster will make a better attempt of answering that.

(Via BadTaste.it, Thanks to Casty for pointing it out to me)