Red Roses and Petrol Poster

Red Roses and Petrol Poster

What bothers me about this poster isn’t so much that it’s bad, because it’s bad in a very harmless dull way. What bothers me is that it is a waste of a wonderfully visual title.

Red Rose and Petrol. Just hearing it isn’t your mind assaulted by visions of deep sensual red against overpowering pitch black? There is so much you could do with that, but here the concept of black against red is engaged in only perfunctorily. A rose there. A little red here. Some black on the edges, and that is it.

Again, such a waste.

(Via WildAboutMovies)

3 thoughts on “Red Roses and Petrol Poster”

  1. this poster looks like a third class movie, low budget and low taste movie…
    but the tittle catch my attention, this is a true waste….

  2. iono…ur entitled to ur own opinion. I like the pics of the actors on the poster cuz it looks like each of em has a deep dark secret. The trailer looks interesting so i’m down to see it.

  3. I love this picture, you just know there is going to be some action in all the characters faces, I wouldn’t be here if that picture didn’t capture my senses.

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