It's Happening in Mexico

The Happening Poster - Mexico

I’m starting to think that the people behind the marketing for The Happening want me to think about I Am Legend.

As you might remember I Am Legend had several posters depicting cities around the world destroyed by the implacable virus. Pretty nice posters if you ask me. Well, know we have three posters for The Happening depicting different cities in Mexico that were apparently devastated by “The Happening”.

Now, I don’t know if this is something that is being done only in Mexico, or if it’s a strategy they will use in other countries, but it sure is reminiscent of what they did for IAL.

Of course, despite being cool they are not quite as well executed. In special the use of the very same abandoned cars in the three posters makes for an odd effect when you see them together.

Then again maybe they are not intend to ever be in the same place in real life?

(Via Slashfilm)

The Happening Poster - MexicoThe Happening Poster - Mexico

6 thoughts on “It's Happening in Mexico”

  1. The fact that they use the same foreground, but just photoshop in a different background is uninspiring. I would expect more from Shyamalan’s people.

    The IAL posters were way cooler.

  2. Like you say, the posters aren’t meant to be together in real life 🙂 The first one locates itself in Mexico City, the second one in Monterrey, a huge city in the north of the country and the third one, I don’t know, but it is probably Guadalajara, another big city. Putting them together in any of these cities would be just odd.

    Great blog by the way 🙂

  3. the first angel de la independencia in mexico city the second cerro de la silla in monterrey and the third the minerva in guadalajara

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