The 100 Best Posters Ever … According to Some Guy

Rosimary’s Baby Poster

Yes, I know these things are terribly subjective. And I’m sure you’ll find more than a couple of choices that will make your eyes roll, which will probably be completely different from the choices that made my eyes roll. But Glenn ( aka KamikazeKamel) has put a lot of thought and effort into his list [first post, the almost complete list, number 1] and I think that care makes it worth a look. And a read. And believe me, there is a lot to read.

And no, the above poster was not number 1. You’ll have to click over to find out who “won”.


3 thoughts on “The 100 Best Posters Ever … According to Some Guy”

  1. I looked at the #1 as well as the titles for the top 100. Seriously? Not a lot of Drew Struzan representation (was Star Wars Ep. 1 even Struzan?) And I can’t see how nearly any of the top 10 could be that beloved, even by “some guy.”

  2. To defend myself here (thanks for the shoutout, Gus) I’m not a fan of the cram-everything-onto-the-poster aesthetic that the Star Wars and Indy posters have (and non Struzan designs like LOTR).

    That’s what, I think, makes my list better than the regular ol’ sort list like the AFI. I doubt you’ll find a list with the unbridled romance that the “Moonstruck” poster has or the americana celebration of the “Woodstock” poster on them. Alas, it’s my own list so of course I’m going to defend it.


    I’m glad most people got enjoyment out of (grumpy notwithstanding, obviously) :p

  3. Hey Glenn, to each his own, I say. Still amazed that you’ve got Metropolis at 48, with Cleopatra Jones beating it, but I admire the dedication of putting such a list together.

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