Wall-E Does Funny

Wall-E Poster

Well, the Russians got a bunch of posters depicting Wall-E’s romantic side. Meanwhile we get another bunch of posters, this time showing Wall-E’s physical comedy chops. Is there anything the guy can’t do?

The comparison between the two sets of posters is enough to make the campaign look schizophrenic, but I can’t really complain because every individual poster is so good. These latest ones manage to be incredibly funny and at the same time very, very sweet. Wall-E is obviously a marvelous character and that comes through loud and clear.

Much as it happened with The Dark Knight I imagine I won’t be very excited to see any more posters for this movie, simply because there have been so many already. But these still got to me.

(Via Casty and Empire)

Wall-E PosterWall-E PosterWall-E Poster


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