The Semi-Weekly Round Up: Not White Enough Edition


Transsiberian Poster

I really wish they had done more with the whiteness of the ambient. But I guess this isn’t too bad.

Mutant Chronicles

Mutant Chronicles Poster

It’s always funny to find a new poster for a movie you wrote about a year ago. Apparently they used all that time to come up with a much worse poster design.


Mirrors Poster

Despite all the 24 success my man Kiefer still can't score a face placement on the poster for his crappy horror film. Sad. But they did chose to replace the Kiefer's head with a screaming woman, which is like, totally original when it comes to horror posters.

To be fair, it is more disturbing than the general woman screaming images.

The Rocker

The Rocker Poster

Young Rainn Wilson was cute. Old Rainn wilson with almost no clothes is mostly scary.


Bolt Poster

I didn’t know they were doing a sequel to The Incredibles…

Righteous Kill

Righteous Kill POster

Surprisingly the poster that almost doesn’t show DeNiro’s and Pacino’s faces is the most effective one for the film so far.


Blindness Poster

Going blind, piece by piece.

(Via IMPAwards, Casty, and ShockTillYouDrop)


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