All the Boys Love Funny Games

Funny Games PosterAll The Boys Love Mandy Lane Poster

This one is interesting to me. The similarities are quite obvious, and have been pointed out elsewhere. Perhaps the fact the the Funny Games poster was one of the most striking posters of late makes things more obvious, but still.

Then again, the differences are quite huge. And among them is the much calmer expression, which pretty much takes away the power from the poster, making it similar superficially, but very different emotionally. And as much as the Funny Games poster has been raved in some corners, FG wasn’t exactly a hit, so using the poster as inspiration seems like a strange choice, from a marketing point of view.

Like I said, interesting.

IMPAwards also has the Swedish poster, which mixes the new poster with the poster I had talked about before, a veeeery long time ago.

(Via shockTillYouDrop)

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane Poster

One thought on “All the Boys Love Funny Games”

  1. Ugh. The Mandy Lane one just looks like a model headshot.

    Another poster that seems to rip right from the palate of Funny Games was The Stangers, which featured a shot of Liv Tyler’s tear-soaked face.

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