First Death Race Poster

You pretty much can tell that Death Race won’t be a good movie just by taking into account the fact that it’s directed by Paul “The Bad One” Anderson. But the movie does have a surprisingly good cast and a premise that is goofy, but entertaining. So you’d think they would manage to come with a fun poster or at least something that used well the cast. But they didn’t.

And no, just having their heads floating around doesn’t cut it as “using well the cast”.

The lack of fun is what is really throwing me here. Not only is this poster really by the book it also seems, with the possible exception of the (small) tagline, to be taking itself very seriously. Which tells me that the movie will probably be the same. Which is not how I wish they were playing it.

But it is a Paul W.S. Anderson movie, so I probably should be happy that the poster isn’t tempting me at all. Alien Vs. predator had cool posters, and look at how that turned out.

(Via ShockTillYouDrop)

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