The Very Last One

Final Disaster Movie Poster

Ok, so for the final poster they went with a bunch of people standing around, in the style of Date Movie and Meet the Spartans, instead of using of a bunch of people sitting around, the style of the posters for the Scary Movies and Superhero Movie. That’s variety right there.

It is pretty bad, but at least the production values seem a little better in this than they were in the Meet the Spartans poster. It’s less of an eyesore is what I’m trying to say.

And now that the posters have all been released I can go back to pretending this film doesn’t actually exist.


4 thoughts on “The Very Last One”

  1. This poster is insultingly, indescribably, shudderingly awful.
    At least it tells us what the movie’s got; Too many characters, next to no plot, and even less good jokes. And it tells us it’s a Seltzerberg film, which is not neccesarily a good thing, but it helps.

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