More Blindness Posters

Blindness Poster

I find the differences between the posters for Blindness and The Happening interesting. Both are films that involve an apocalyptic situation in which a plague causes widespread panic and chaos. But The Happening was a mainstream summer movie whose marketing was aimed at the broadest audience possible for the film. Blindness on the other hand is seen as an art house movie that has to be marketed to a narrower audience.

So The Happening gets a bunch of posters focusing on the plague and its effects. Meanwhile Blindness gets a bunch of posters focused on the prestige cast and on the characters they play. The plague does appears, through the use of a lot of white and through the obvious lack of sight of most of the characters, but it isn’t the focus of the posters. The characters themselves are the focus.

We’ll see if the rest of the marketing follows this same approach.

As for the quality of the Blindness posters, I think they are good, but far from earth shattering. The main poster (above) depicts an important moment that says a lot about the story and about the relationship formed between the main characters. But I’m not sure the image will translates that well to an audience that isn’t already familiar with the story and the poster feels a little too faded, which makes for an unremarkable image. This is, by the way, not a problem with the character posters, which still have a lot of white but use the image’s space more effectively.

(Via IMPAwards)

Blindness PosterBlindness PosterBlindness PosterBlindness PosterBlindness Poster


2 thoughts on “More Blindness Posters”

  1. I love the high contrast character posters. The little taglines on each of them present different aspects of the movie, which I like. My only quibble is one with “Hope is blind”. I hope the narrative of the film doesn’t turn out to be as sweetly wrapped up as I am Legend did.

    Granted, the main poster was a bit dull, but on the whole, these character posters and the first poster ( have gotten me hyped up about watching this movie.

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