It's Raining Madness

So, get this. Tropic Thunder is a movie about the making of a movie, also called Tropic Thunder. Rain of Madness is a fake documentary about the making of Tropic Thunder. The fake Tropic Thunder, that is. Rain of Madness is also yet another reference to Apocalypse Now. Or more specifically to the documentary Heart of Darkness, which is about the making of Apocalypse Now. The real Apocalypse Now. I think.

And now Rain of Madness has a poster.

And I thought the last posters were too meta…


One thought on “It's Raining Madness”

  1. Was there a ‘making of’ movie for Apocalypse Now Redux, the revised version of the original movie which commissioned the aforementioned making of movie and inspired both this movie, this movie within this movie and the ‘making of’ movie?

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