Conan Then

The above poster for the very first Conan has become sort of a cult item, and it’s remarkable for being pretty consistent with much of the artwork done for the Conan character over the years. Still, considering the sheer amount of pulpy goodness associated with character (just check the covers for Savage Sword of Conan) I think they could have done better.

But the poster is still miles better than what we got for the next film.

The second film was a lot less successful than the first. Coincidence? Mostly, yeah, but I’m sure the poster didn’t help.


3 thoughts on “Conan Then”

  1. true story. i was at the orlando megacon and boris vallejo, conan artist supreme is there. i had been in the con all day and was exhausted. got into line with my conan dvd to have him sign it. three hours later i get to the front of the line and slide the dvd across the table and he slides it right back at me and says very politely “i didn’t draw that.” he explained they’d asked him, he was busy, they got some italian guy he never met to do it.

    heartbroken and wasted i slinked away. to this day i wish i had gotten him to sign it: “i didn’t draw this, boris vallejo.”

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