Jim Carrey Says Yes to Goofy Faces

Yes Man Poster

Well, this is certainly a much more “welcoming” than the last poster for a Jim Carrey movie.

The poster for Yes Man is very breezy, light and bright. It also seems to have some of the visual elements that you might find in a motivational poster or self-help book cover, which fits with the story of a man who decides to say yes to everything for one year. It obviously exaggerates some of those elements for humor, but what I like about the poster is that it’s not too over the top. If it wasn’t for Carrey’s silly grin you almost could believe it’s a serious attempt at making you feel better about life.


The end result is not only funny, but actually still a little motivational. And that makes the movie seem like a very cheerful light experience. Just the kind of thing that millions of people want.

(Via IMPAwards)

9 thoughts on “Jim Carrey Says Yes to Goofy Faces”

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