Japanese Dragonball Poster

Japanese Dragonball Poster

Let me make a confession: I used to be a Dragonball fan. Really, really liked the show. And back on those old days I used to drool at the thought of a Dragonball movie.

But the years have passed, my tastes have changed and boy is this looking like a bad idea now. Looking being the important word. The movie, from all I have seen, simple looks wrong. It seems like they are trying to be somewhat faithful to the comic/animation, but I think that particular look just doesn’t work when translated to film. They needed to change things quite radically.

Many recent comic book movies have understood that what works on a drawing (moving or otherwise) doesn’t always work on a live action movie. So the X-Men all use the same black uniform and Batman uses dark suit that actually looks like a decent armor. When transitioning these characters to the movies the choice was made to make things a little less colorful and more real. The resulting movies weren’t great just because of that, of course, but it helped.

Maybe I’m wrong about how the film looks. I would love for that to be the case. But this poster isn’t giving me any new hope.

And even if the look worked on film, Just Chatwin as Goku is just all kinds of wrong.

As for the poster itself, it’s pretty fine. It’s early and they don’t want to show too much. So they go with the iconic character, but only show him from the back. Add some other gripping visual element (the dragonball) and a recognizable scenery (the middle of nowhere) and you have yourself a nice little teaser poster. Original? Hardly, but it works.

Or it would, if had some decent graphic elements to work with.

(Via DbTheMovie, thanks to Ines for pointing it out to me)


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