Another Blindness Poster

Blindness Poster

I might be wrong, but I think this is the first non-character Blindness poster to focus exclusively on Jullianne Moore, who plays the only person not affected by the blindness epidemic. Before that we had posters that focused on the general concept or that gave space to the all-star cast.

The focus on the character played by Moore can also be seen on the tagline: “In a World Gone Blind, What if You Were the Only Person Who Cold See?”. So the poster asks us to envision ourselves as her, the only seeing person in the in the middle of the blind. This is a slight change of focus from the sell we had before, which asked us to imagine what would happen if the world was affected by an epidemic of blindness. It’s a more specific, more personal and I think a little more effective focus.

Visually the poster maintains the same style we saw in the last few posters, which I appreciate. But the image of Moore’s face with all the hands around strikes me as more powerful emotionally and more memorable than what we had in the past posters. So overall I think this is a step up for the campaign. Not necessarily a huge step, but a step nevertheless.

(Via IMPAwards)

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