It's Raining Madness

So, get this. Tropic Thunder is a movie about the making of a movie, also called Tropic Thunder. Rain of Madness is a fake documentary about the making of Tropic Thunder. The fake Tropic Thunder, that is. Rain of Madness is also yet another reference to Apocalypse Now. Or more specifically to the documentary Heart of Darkness, which is about the making of Apocalypse Now. The real Apocalypse Now. I think.

And now Rain of Madness has a poster.

And I thought the last posters were too meta…



More Blindness Posters

Blindness Poster

I find the differences between the posters for Blindness and The Happening interesting. Both are films that involve an apocalyptic situation in which a plague causes widespread panic and chaos. But The Happening was a mainstream summer movie whose marketing was aimed at the broadest audience possible for the film. Blindness on the other hand is seen as an art house movie that has to be marketed to a narrower audience.

So The Happening gets a bunch of posters focusing on the plague and its effects. Meanwhile Blindness gets a bunch of posters focused on the prestige cast and on the characters they play. The plague does appears, through the use of a lot of white and through the obvious lack of sight of most of the characters, but it isn’t the focus of the posters. The characters themselves are the focus.

We’ll see if the rest of the marketing follows this same approach.

As for the quality of the Blindness posters, I think they are good, but far from earth shattering. The main poster (above) depicts an important moment that says a lot about the story and about the relationship formed between the main characters. But I’m not sure the image will translates that well to an audience that isn’t already familiar with the story and the poster feels a little too faded, which makes for an unremarkable image. This is, by the way, not a problem with the character posters, which still have a lot of white but use the image’s space more effectively.

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Blindness PosterBlindness PosterBlindness PosterBlindness PosterBlindness Poster

The Very Last One

Final Disaster Movie Poster

Ok, so for the final poster they went with a bunch of people standing around, in the style of Date Movie and Meet the Spartans, instead of using of a bunch of people sitting around, the style of the posters for the Scary Movies and Superhero Movie. That’s variety right there.

It is pretty bad, but at least the production values seem a little better in this than they were in the Meet the Spartans poster. It’s less of an eyesore is what I’m trying to say.

And now that the posters have all been released I can go back to pretending this film doesn’t actually exist.

The Family that Preys Poster

The Family that Preys Poster

I always hated those optical illusion black and white things that could be more than one image, depending on how you look at it. They always made me feel like I might be missing something that everybody else is seeing: “Wow, that witch flying a frog into Santa’s house is pretty amazing!” meanwhile I’m seeing a glass.

And that is exactly how I feel about this new poster for The Family that Prey’s. I’m pretty sure there is something really smart hidden in the image. And I have no clue what it is. I look at it one way. Then I look at it another way. I try to convince myself that I’m seeing something, and then I just have to give up.

I can see a hand, for sure. Maybe a face. But I keep thinking there must be something else. And some symbolism that connects these things together. And I’m sure that if I got it I would be blown away.

But I just don’t get it.

See, I knew I was missing something. Strangling, of course.

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To the Winners the Posters

I probably should have posted this Sunday, but better late then never.

First, I wanted to highlight this retro posters for Wall-E, that were pointed out to me by reader Pristine a while ago and which I pretty much love. Unfortunately they are kind of expensive.

Wall-E Retor Poster
Wall-E Retor Poster
Wall-E Retor Poster
Wall-E Retor Poster

And in celebration of Wanted’s surprisingly strong second place finish in the box office here are some international poster. Great? No, not even close. But they are a lot better than these.

Wanted PosterWanted Poster
Wanted Poster