W. Gets a Teaser

W. Poster

I have to admit I’m somewhat fascinated by this movie. On paper it sounds like a terrible, terrible idea. But there is a certain weirdness about it that makes me think it might not be good movie, but still just might be an interesting movie watching experience.

Also interesting is the choice of image for the poster. It both works as a shot at W. (or, if you are feeling more charitable, as a deconstruction of his public image) and fits well with being a teaser poster. Get ready can both mean get ready for the film and get ready for playing a president.

Of course, this is not an image that is exactly gonna assuage the fear of the people who think this will be a one-sided hit job. But it is also not a big enough or fresh enough slam to get the people who have a problem with Bush’s presidency excited. It sits at an uneasy middle that seems like it won’t be very satisfying for anybody. Much like the film, actually.

And then again, there is some fascinating weirdness in there, making me curious. Much like the film.

(Via AICN)


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