I'm Sorry, but I'm Contractually Obligated to Show Them All

SAW V, from France. The french are apparently traditionalists and thought the other poster was just too different.

And since we are talking about different (and about SAW) here is a poster for REPO! The Gentic Opera. Much more interesting, with a clear style that you can also see in other materials for the movie. Although the poster is perhaps too dark for its own good.

This is a bizarre mishmash of a film, a sci-fi/horror/musical directed by that guy from SAW II and with the all important participation of Paris Hilton. Considering all that I was actually hoping for something even more out there, but I guess the preferred to err on the side of caution and tried to make it look at least a bit serious and scary.

(Via Filmsactu and IMPAwards)

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