Changeling Poster

Changeling Poster

Oh my good, that giant lady is going to eat the child! Someone DO SOMETHING!

I think I know what happened here. There was once a poor poster designer who would make poster after poster for films with big stars. He would do the floating heads thing, because that’s what he was asked to do, but he would always try to make the poster work, using well proportioned heads that left space for some other interesting stuff. But in poster after poster he would always get the same feedback: make the head bigger.

So one day a new request comes in: doing the poster for an Angelina Jolie movie. By now tired of the same routine our designer just says “what the hell, I’ll just make her head huge”. And so he sends the atrocious design off and goes out to drink the memories of it away. He comes back the next day to find a note scribbled on a piece of paper in front of his computer: make the head bigger.

The designer kills himself. They hire a freelancer to implement the recommendations. And now we can all stand in awe of the finished product.

(Via Cinematical)


5 thoughts on “Changeling Poster”

  1. This movie has it all. Clint Eastwood Directing. Oscar Caliber acting pedigree. Babylon 5 and Marvel Comic Scribe, J. Micheal Straczynski. Yet this poster doesn’t make me want to see the movie. It’s a period Drama, show off a damn costume or 2.

  2. Another uninteresting poster for an Oscar promising film. Why they have to attached a lame poster like this anyway, I think with that picture, they have to change the title with “Monster Jolie”

  3. Milk, Revolutionary Road, Rachel Getting Married and now Changeling. The big Oscar films are just collapsing in the key art department. This one is the worst though. Truly one of the worst posters for a major release I’ve ever seen.

  4. ahkahkaa…..its been a while since this witty kind of comment….
    maybe we should make an anti-big-head-movie-poster movement….

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