Final Quantum of Solace Poster

Quantum of Solace Poster

I almost didn’t make a post about this, which surprises me a lot since I’m very excited about Quantum of Solace and I quite liked this previous poster.

But this new (and supposedly main one) is just so dull. Two people trying to look cool (to the point where they don’t seem to even notice the other person that is standing there by their side) against a drab desert background. Blah.

Now, you could argue that the main poster for Casino wasn’t all that. But I think the more lively and more fortunately colored background and the clear focus on Bond make for a huge improvement.

I hope the actual film doesn’t disappoint.

(Via ComingSoon)


9 thoughts on “Final Quantum of Solace Poster”

  1. the CASINO ROYALE poster was pure bond. it was him player poker with a gun and a drink on the table. it said this isn’t just a simple poker game, obviously something serious is going down here. his tie was undone which sells this bond different than previous ones because he’ll get down and dirty.

    this poster is horrible. i never thought i’d say this but i’d rather they just had stuff exploding and giant heads. and i realize craig isn’t the one ruining it. it’s this chick with her pouty look staring off in one direction and craig is in another. with the smoking building in the desert it looks like the last scene of the film where you know these people can’t stand each other.

    my questions is nobody knows who this woman is (she isn’t an established character and the actress isn’t a star) so if you are going to put her on the poster, at least make her look attractive or like she wants to be in the movie.

  2. Questions.
    1. Why such a departure from the other posters. They greys were slick and very bond like. Bond looked cool and now the colors are different and the entire theme is different. Bond is beat up and defeated. The girl doesn’t like him? It’s the apocalypse?

    2.Who is this girl? Where are the billings? Daniel Craig and mystery girl not good enough to have their names on a top of a poster?

    3. Is this even a real poster? Look at the website and trailers and the rest of the marketing materials. this poster is the odd duckling. Its a long way until Nov 14 so maybe the bond marketing will take a left turn. But why? Daniel Craig as cool and sexy action star worked for Casino Royale.

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