It Goes Around, It Comes Around

Ok, am I going crazy? Are we suddenly back in the 80’s? I mean, a poster for a 3D horror movie featuring the killer’s weapon bursting through the screen? Really?

Sure, the production values are now much better. But the cheese is still equally (or even more) strong.

Not that I’m not tickled by it, but I have no taste.

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In Honor Of Yet Another Good Opening

So, SAW V (five!) took about $30 million dollars in its opening weekend. I’m sure this series is running out of steam, but I’m, as of right now, retiring from the business of predicting that the SAW marketing has lost its power.

I wonder what the poster for SAW 33 will be like. I mean, you can do a XXXIII with just nine fingers, what will they do with the one left? I can’t wait to find out.

Up Poster

Up Poster

I’m not sure who should get credit for it, but the posters for Pixar’s films have been almost always excellent. The poster campaign for Wall-E was one of my favorites of this year so far, and from the look of things UP will be one of my favorites next year.

What I love about this poster is the boldness of its simplicity. It’s mostly just a big, blue sky with some clouds. And that is more than enough to transmit a sense of adventure and wonder that one hardly ever gets from a poster. The fact that the house and the balloons look so little against it ads greatly to the effect. Just beautiful.

And yes, just the idea of a house traveling around the sky is itself quite entertaining.

I’m already looking forward to the film. And to the next poster.

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The Day Earth Stood Still Starring … Tom Cruise?

Ok, maybe he doesn’t look exactly like Cruise, but Keanu is looking even less like himself in this poster, which makes this a weird design. A poster for a big effects blockbuster that doesn’t really showcase the effects and that makes the star it’s putting front and center hard to recognize.

The poster also reminds me a lot of the Spielberg’s version of War of the Worlds, which depending on how you see it may be a good or a bad thing.


Separated at Birth: Inkheart and Bedtime Stories

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Two films about fantastic stories that come to life? Oh, it’s on. Although since one film has Adam Sandler and the backing of Disney and the other has Brendan Fraser I’m guessing it won’t be much of a fight.

I do think the design in general and the fantastic images in particular of the Inkheart poster are more interesting than those of the Bedtime Stories poster. But Bedtime is more clearly focused on appealing to kids, they are obviously chasing the young kids/families demographic. The target demographic for Inkheart is a bit less clear, but I think they might be trying to reach more teenagers. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don’t think it will be very successful at that.

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