Up Poster

Up Poster

I’m not sure who should get credit for it, but the posters for Pixar’s films have been almost always excellent. The poster campaign for Wall-E was one of my favorites of this year so far, and from the look of things UP will be one of my favorites next year.

What I love about this poster is the boldness of its simplicity. It’s mostly just a big, blue sky with some clouds. And that is more than enough to transmit a sense of adventure and wonder that one hardly ever gets from a poster. The fact that the house and the balloons look so little against it ads greatly to the effect. Just beautiful.

And yes, just the idea of a house traveling around the sky is itself quite entertaining.

I’m already looking forward to the film. And to the next poster.

(Via WildAboutMovies and IMPAwards)


4 thoughts on “Up Poster”

  1. Gus, just curious? Did Wall-E live up to your expectations? Your coverage on its campaign made me very excited to watch it . Yes, I loved it, though Ratatouille remains my favourite.

  2. I don’t know … It feels too much like a Magritte painting to me – not a children’s story. After Wall-E and Ratatouille, I’m a bit reluctant to keep drinking the Pixar Kool-Aid.

  3. Hi there! Has anyone seen if there is a lenticular “UP” poster? It would seem a natural candidate for it but I live in NH now and don’t have the best movie theaters around. So I haven’t seen one but I wonder if they are other places…

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